Smart track rudder system instructions

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Dec 17, 2016 Tutorial on installing Smart track flow Rudder system on Kaku Wahoo fishing Kayak. Tutorial on installing Smart track flow Rudder system on Kaku Wahoo fishing Kayak. Skip navigationInstall Blade Housing Short Pin into hole on rear deck with Wear Washer to reduce friction on Tiller Plate. The Wear Washer may also help raise up the Line Guide to allow for the Rudder Cord to clear the rear deck. 4. Reinstall Retention Screw or other rudder retention device. smart track rudder system instructions

Smart Track Rudder System. The complete footbraceandrudder combination includes the rudder housing, cool rudder wedgie, rudder blade, footbraces, cables, cable housing, instructions, and hardware. The Smart Track's rudder is foilshaped to prevent stalling and decrease drag. Rudder blades are available for single and double kayaks,

Smart Track Rudder Install Page 1 PYGMY KAYAK CO. P. O. The following instructions will enable you to install a Smart Track rudder assembly on your Pygmy Kayak. This particular rudder will stick up when at rest. Mount the Rudder Bracket: The rudder is mounted on the boat by the means of a special bracket which is bolted to the end of the kayak. Read Control System reviews, specs, & where to buy I installed the SmartTrack Rudder Kit on my Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140. In addition to the Rudder Kit, I needed the Tubing Kit and I opted for the Vertical Adjustment Kit (more on this later). My boat was originally rudderless, but came prepped for a rudder with bolts in the stern to attach the rudder mount and frog eyes molded into smart track rudder system instructions The foot peg slides in a track, pulls the cable, and turns the rudder. The SmartTrack System uses fixed foot braces on which the paddler can brace his or her feet and small toe pedals, attached by cables to the rudder, to turn the rudder. SealLine refers to the toe pedal as Toe Pilots.

I sent an email to the company that owns the SmartTrack rudder system (Smarttracker. com). I asked for an owners manual since I did not get one with my kayak. I also suggested that they might want to listen to paddlers for advice on improving the system. I have a few ideas for them. smart track rudder system instructions The rudder kit arrived as pictured, but they don't include a cable housing that is critical for the proper installation of the rudder and control system. It cost me another week of waiting for my boat to worked on and another 20. 00 in parts. Smart track is a great system and I don't mind paying the money, but why not tell me up front?

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