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66 Lab 9 Stability via Routh Hurwitz Lab Objectives: Design the system for determining the values of gain in negative feedback system for which the system is stable, unstable and marginally stable by using Routh table. Using Simulink show the step responses for different values of gain for each of the stable, unstable and marginally stableA stable system. This tells us that if we decrease (where a decrease moves the plot in the clockwise direction) the phase of L (s) by more than 14 that the 1j0 point becomes encircled and the system becomes unstable. We say that the system has a phase margin of 14. A higher phase margin yields a more stable system. marginally stable system matlab

Mar 14, 2011 I have modeled a spring mass damper system along with a compensator in simulink. The transfer function of the spring mass damper system goes like this 1(Ms2bsk) where m5. 2e6 b6. 25e5 k70 Am getting a stable response when i actually code this in matlab. But in simulink using ode45 dormandprince, am getting a unstable response.

The poles of T are purely imaginary (jsqrt(5)) and so T is marginally stable or more intuitively you can think of it as a mass on a spring an oscillator. To answer the question of if this closedloop system can perfectly track a given input sinusoid, well, it depends on what your criteria is for perfect . Solution to HW5 Note: You were permitted to generate these plots using Matlab. However, you must be prepared to draw the plots by hand on the exam. (1) We are given a system with open loop transfer function G(s) K s(s2 10s20) (1) and unity negative feedback. We are asked to determine (a) the range of K for which the marginally stable system matlab In summary, if you have the closedloop transfer function of a system, only the poles matter for closedloop stability. But if you have the openloop transfer function you should find the zeros of the 1G(s)H(s) transfer function and if they are in the left halfplane, the closedloop system is stable.

Lab# 4 Time Response Analysis What is the Time Response system and the system in this case is called Marginally stable . Characteristic of various systems: negative real axis (LHP), then the system is stable. If the pole is on the positive real axis (RHP), then the system is not stable. The zeros of a first order system are the values marginally stable system matlab Continuous time. A homogeneous continuous linear timeinvariant system is marginally stable if and only if the real part of every pole ( eigenvalue) in the system's transferfunction is nonpositive, one or more poles have zero real part, and all poles with zero real part are simple roots (i. e. The value of gain that makes the system marginally stable. By rule 7, setting G(j approximation well agree with the Matlab result plotted above. d. The locations of higherorder poles for K found in (b) If the pole is purely real, 1 KG(s)0fors For SISO systems, pzmap plots the transfer function poles and zeros. For MIMO systems, it plots the system poles and transmission zeros. The poles are plotted as x's and the zeros are plotted as o's. creates the polezero plot of multiple models on a single figure. B isstable(sys) returns a logical value of 1 (true) if the dynamic system model sys has stable dynamics, and a logical value of 0 (false) otherwise. If sys is a model array, then B 1 only if all models in sys are stable. B isstable(sys, 'elem') returns a logical array of the same dimensions as the model array sys.

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