Nhs dental referrals system

2020-01-26 11:41

Mar 08, 2019  The NHS eReferral Service (eRS) combines electronic booking with a choice of place, date and time for first hospital or clinic appointments. Patients can choose their initial hospital or clinic appointment, book it in the GP surgery at the point of referral, orNHS Dental Referrals. Username: Password: nhs dental referrals system

Refer Patients to Suitable Providers in a Matter of Minutes. Powered by Rego, our Dental Electronic Referral Service (DeRS) enables you to ensure that all of your providers are utilised in the most suitable and cost effective way. Offering the best patient care with the shortest waiting times.

To perform an NHS or PRIVATE Referral, please click the appropriate button below. For NHS Referrals, please ensure you specifically select Chartwell Dental as the preferred practice to ensure the patient is referred to our us, otherwise the referral system will randomly allocate a This section will tell you all about the system, why its used and a little about the team that provide it. If you want to learn more about referrals in NHS dentistry, or how they can help streamline care, here is nhs dental referrals system This link will take you to the online referral management system. Please note that there is always a login button available on the top right of the screen so there

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