Kodak 1200i wide-format printing system

2019-11-19 22:58

Kodak wideformat inkjet media Kodak quantum ink Kodak 1200i wideformat printing system Profitability. At Kodak, we know that controlling costs is vital to your wideformat business and we wanted to enable you to reach new heights of profitability with a quality solution. The result was the complete Kodak 1200i wideformat printing systemJan 22, 2004 Kodak makes new try with Kodak 1200i version of the Encad NovaJet 1000i. We have gathered fresh details on the Encad printer, and as promised we are updating this page. In the meantime we use common sense to discuss this and other printers. We also saw the Kodak 1200i at FESPA trade show; at first we thought it was a totally new printer. kodak 1200i wide-format printing system

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The complete KODAK 1200i WideFormat Printing System is our answer. Over 100 years of Kodak imaging expertise has generated the advanced wideformat technologies in our KODAK 1200i Printer, KODAK Quantum Ink and Kodak WideFormat Inkjet Media. Jun 11, 2005 Kodak has introduced its new wideformat printing system, the Kodak 1200i. The system comprises the new 1200i inkjet printer, a customized RIP for pointofsale and signage applications, Kodak Quantum inks, Kodak wideformat media, and the company's technical support. kodak 1200i wide-format printing system Page 3 Media Settings Printer Heater Settings and Print Mode options can be selected on the Kodak 1200i printer control panel or in a host RIP application. Print Mode options are represented by number of passes and direction of printing. A recommendation of 3 Bi means 3 passes, bidirectional printing.

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