Louisiana hurricane protection system

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The New Orleans hurricane protection system: what went wrong and why: a report by the American Society of Civil Engineers Hurricane Katrina External Review Panel. p. cm. ISBN13: ISBN10: 1. Hurricane Katrina, 2005. 2. Building, Stormproof. 3. Hurricane protection. I. American Society of Civil Engineers.Apr 29, 2011  The report, The New Orleans Hurricane Protection Systems: What Went Wrong and Why, focuses on the direct physical causes and contributing factors to the hurricane protection system failures. It was developed not to repeat the IPET information, but louisiana hurricane protection system

Hurricane Protection System History: Over time, three hurricane protection projects have been designed and partially constructed in New Orleans and the Southeast Louisiana region: Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity Project, the West Bank and Vicinity Project, and the New Orleans to Venice Project.

Hurricane protection and flood control structures, collectively referred to here as the system, are in place to protect the population, property, communities, markets, Performance Evaluation of the New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana Hurricane Protection System. The Performance Levees and Floodwalls ( Main Text) Technical Appendices ( 110) ( 115) ( 1623) Volume VI. The Performance Interior Drainage and Pumping ( Main Text) ( Technical Appendices) Volume VII. louisiana hurricane protection system Topics include: details about New Orleans and the hurricane, the protection system, how the levees failed, the human, financial, and cultural impacts, and direct causes and contributing factors, such as overestimation of soil strength, waterfilled gaps, inoperable pump systems, and underappreciated risk to

Jun 01, 2006  This report, Performance Evaluation of the New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana Hurricane Protection System, is a draft of the final report in a louisiana hurricane protection system New Orleans Hurricane Protection System. The process began with development of a comprehensive integrated master schedule to provide overall direction and support. We helped the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers to integrate individual schedules for more than 250 projects with 16, 000 interlinked activities and the overall rebuilding plan,

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