Ballasted tpo roof system

2019-09-18 23:57

Ballasted Roof System. Beginning in the 1970s, the ballasted roof system began becoming popular as a viable roofing option. The roofing system depends on the weight of stone, at least 10 pounds per square foot, to hold down a roofing membrane. Because there is no need for cutting strips or making divisions within the membrane,Drawbacks of a Ballasted Roof System. Ballast stone traps a lot of dirt, making patching difficult. Ballast stone fractures and gets sharper over time, which can puncture the membrane. Ballast stone can crush the underlying insulation, creating weak spots in the roof membrane. Over time, the stones move around, creating Bald spots where the system isnt held down at all. ballasted tpo roof system

EverGuard TPO Ballasted Roof Systems. The selection of membrane type, thickness, and attachment is the responsibility of the architect, engineer, owner, or roof consultant. GAF EverGuard roof membranes must be used in roofing systems to be guaranteed by

Anatomy of a Ballast Roof System. The stone ballast on a ballasted roof system is the only thing holding the roof system in place. The insulation is loose laid onto the decking. There are no fasteners installed at all (3 and 4). Next the membrane is rolled over the insulation (2). ballasted tpo roof system

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