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Mar 10, 2010 i've had a frogosphere from Brookstone since Christmas, and I went on a trip for 3 weeks so I gave the tank to relatives. Ever since we got back (around a month ago) I've noticed one frog is very fat and one is very skinny. I get worried and take the top off to put a pellet right over the skinny frog, but it's a struggle because the fatter one fights him, ex bites his leg or side.Dec 16, 2009  Buying frogs at the mall. and hope that you both enjoy owning your new pets and use FrogOSphere as a starting point for learning about life in ecosystems. Sincerely, Brookstone ecosystem frogs brookstone

Aug 30, 2010 Where can i buy African dwarf frogs? But whatever u do never by a frog o sphere from brookstone, hallmark, or any other gift shop. They are tiny plastic deathboxes that are a death sentence for frogs. They claim its an ecosystem that will keep the eco aquarium ( deathbox ) clean. Brookstone lets you order them online but you should

Nov 18, 2015  Here's a look at Brookstone's FrogOSphere: I admit that I was fascinated by these little frogs that were supposed to be in a selfcontained ecosystem. The truth, however, was much different. Not only were these frogs overpriced, at 40 Jan 25, 2011  In some cases, frogs were so hungry that that they chewed each others legs off. juhansonin cc by 2. 0 Brookstone joins Magic Beans, Target, and other retailers that have stopped selling these cruel products, but Coach House Gifts is still selling frogs in ecosystem frogs brookstone Recently there have been public comments concerning the Brookstone FrogOSphere. FrogOSphere has generated an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers. Thousands of people have adopted these amazing miniecosystems and welcomed their pet frogs

Oct 05, 2009 frogosphere mini frog ecosystem @ Brookstone, Tyson's Corner. ecosystem frogs brookstone Brookstone FrogOSphere Ecosystem with 2 Aquatic Frogs. Living Gravel? acts as a biological filter, converting excess food and waste into a soluble form that can be used by the bamboo plant. Just like trees in our environment, the bamboo absorbs liquid and gaseous elements and releases oxygen, which helps the frogs thrive. Mar 31, 2011  PETA started campaigning against the tiny plastic frog prisons after receiving complaints from Brookstone customers and after a whistleblower reported that frogs housed in the tiny 4in. H x4in. W x4in. D plastic boxes were neglected, deprived of veterinary care and adequate food, and kept in filthy water. The whistleblower told PETA that when frogs became obviously ill and unsaleable, they Sep 10, 2009  Actually, in Brookstones FrogoSphere you get not one but TWO frogs, plus a snail, living gravel, a piece of coral, a stone and a bamboo shoot. It is, to put it succinctly, a selfcontained, selfcleaning ecosystem. The Small Sphere EcoSphere is 4 in diameter and contains 3 to 4 shrimp, algae, bacteria and other microorganisms, creating a completely balanced ecosystem capable of supporting and sustaining life within. This is a living item and ships via FedEx Priority Overnight with a signature required upon delivery. After you select Checkout, on the next page a calendar will appear with the available delivery dates.

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