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Aug 05, 2010 Not only that, but the PS2 System Data allows games that require an HDD (specifically Final Fantasy XI) to play on the backward compatible PS3s. The PS2 System Data has nothing to do with backward compatibility, and does nothing for other PS3 models other than take up space.Jump to letter: # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z PS2 Classics Emulator Compatibility List (on PS3) PS2 Classics Emulator Compatibility List ps2 system data compatibility list

Dec 15, 2006  If you download PS2 System Data and install it on the PLAYSTATION3 system, you will be able to play PlayStation2 format software that is compatible with hard disk installation. For information about compatible software, use the PS3 system's Internet browser to go to the PLAYSTATIONNetwork official Web site.

PS2 HD Loader Game Compatibility List 140 of 70. Incompatible: Works if you modify the ISO. Open the ISOo file (I use UltraISO) and navigate to DISKMOVIES. Replacing the 4 files CLOSE. PSS, INLAND. PSS, INTRO. PSS, and SAMPLE. PSS with empty (0 byte) dummy files seems to make the game run. You might even be able to delete them entirely, Oct 27, 2017 Home Forums PlayStation 3 Forums Tutorials& Guides Compatibility List PS3 Compatibility List PS2 on PS3. Have you took a look at the ps2 system data PKG? . iirc there are some hardcoded settings in there for games, not sure when they released it, or if it was updated at which firmware they stopped updating it though ps2 system data compatibility list Aug 04, 2005  Download [PS2 System Data from (PLAYSTATIONStore). Follow the onscreen instructions to download. When the download completes, [PS2 System Data will

List of Compatible Internal HDDs for the PS2; List of Compatible OPL PADEMU USB Bluetooth Adapters Open PS2 Loader (OPL) Tutorials; POPStarter Guide and Wiki; POPStarter Tutorials; PS2Ident: List of Collected and Missing Data; PS2PSXe Developer's Tutorial; Run Homebrew on PS2 SLIM 90K Series Simple Media System (SMS) PS2 Media Players ps2 system data compatibility list List of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games compatible with PlayStation 3. This is a list of PlayStation (PS1) and PlayStation 2 (PS2) games, for which the PlayStation 3 (PS3) is backwards compatible. This list is updated as new PS3 firmware editions are released by Sony. The 40GB, 80GB re Oct 08, 2018  While this does have PS1 compatibility, it doesnt have PS2 backward compatibility. Also, even though this can now be jailbroken, I still dont advise it since users had problems afterwards with their display not recognizing the console, games didnt work, and failed installation. Mar 18, 2019 List of games that are known to have problems with either certain OPL Versions or Devices. SMB SMB: The game freezes on the loading screen. Game seems to work on USB. WORKING WITH: r700; r726r789. (must enable MODES 3 and 6 to run. OTHER ISSUES: (1) when starting a new game, it will freeze up after playing FMV intro on the first mission. PS2 Classics Emulator on PS4 Compatibility List. Id like to know this too my Jak II disc I turned it into a fpkg and installed on my system it doesn't go past the PS2 logo and my Jak 3 works but the slow down and frame rate issues make it unplayable.

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