Muscular system lecture notes

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(depends on muscle size, how many muscle cells in the muscle are contracting (# of motor units active), how rapidly the nervous system is stimulating them; motor unit single motor neuron and all the muscle fibers (cells) that it forms juctions with. Recruitment of moreBiol 2401: Anatomy& Physiology I: Muscular System; Ziser Lecture Notes, 2016. 3 1. Muscular System. The Muscular System consists of about 700 muscle. organs that are typically attached to bones across a joint to produce all voluntary movements the design and integration of our muscles is the result of millions of years of evolutionary pressures. eg. muscular system lecture notes

Lecture Notes: Muscular System, page 1 of 11. (slide 1) Lecture Notes: Muscular System. I. (slide 2) Introduction to Muscular System A) Tissues of the Muscular System: 1) Connective Tissues. (a) dense fibrous (tendons and ligaments) 2) Nervous Tissue. (a) Motor neurons. 3) Muscle Tissue (a) Smooth muscle.

2012 Pearson Education, Inc. PowerPoint Lecture Slides Prepared by Patty BostwickTaylor, FlorenceDarlington Technical College C H A P T E R 6 The Muscular System Medical Anatomy and Physiology. Unit Five Muscular System Page 3 Draft Copy b. Troponin (1). Globular proteins composed of three subunits (2). One subunit binds to actin, another binds to tropomyosin, and the last subunit binds to Ca. B. Myosin 1. Thick, darkcolored myofilaments 2. Found in the center of the sarcomere 3. muscular system lecture notes Muscular System Student Notes Outline. Taking efficient notes can be a big challenge for many students, especially when working from a Powerpoint lecture. This outline gives students a means to take notes that guides them toward important concepts and avoids the pitfalls of writing wordforword or simply not taking notes at all.

Notes for students studying muscles and anatomy, notes focus on muscle function at the cellular level, sarcomere and how ATP powers muscle contraction according to the sliding filament theory. muscular system lecture notes Anatomy and Physiology I Lecture Notes Series CJ Shuster 2) Classification based on Action (movement) terms. (a) Flexion vs Extension describe an angle. FLEXION: move 2 bones together, lessen an angle. Muscle is a FLEXOR. EXTENSION: move 2 bones farther apartincrease an angle. Muscle is an EXTENSOR. Muscular System Teacher Notes Copy. Comments (1) Cat Dissection Guide. Comments (1) Muscle Quiz Review Packet Blank Comments (1) Blank Human Muscle Diagram (Practice for Quiz) Comments (1) Muscle diagram KEY (Study for quiz on Monday) Comments (1) Muscular System Lecture notes. Degree of overlap between the thick and thin filaments and ability to generate tension see figure 9. 22 Too little activity can result in flaccid muscles (too long sarcomeres); too much heavy power activities can result in tight, excessively bound muscles How can the answer be improved?

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