Renishaw micro-raman spectroscopy system

2019-08-19 22:07

The serial number of the system is located to the right of the manual optic transfer tube retraction mechanism, please quote this number in any communications with Renishaw plc.How can the answer be improved? renishaw micro-raman spectroscopy system

Renishaw is a global company with core skills in measurement, motion control, spectroscopy and precision machining. Corporate social responsibility Details of our business code, charities committee and our statement about modern slavery.

MicroRaman spectrometer, inVia reflex Raman spectroscopy system Renishaw Raman can be used with two types of lasers 514nm and 785nm with different. Renishaw InVia Raman Spectrometer, Bruker Avance 300 NMR, Chiralscan CD Spectrometer, Centrus: ultrafast Raman imaging. It is designed by Renishaw, exclusively for Raman spectroscopy and imaging. Centrus features high sensitivity detector chips, with thermoelectric cooling for ultralow noise levels; giving you optimal performance with ultrafast data collection (over 1800 spectra s 1 ). renishaw micro-raman spectroscopy system Raman spectroscopy is the study of the interaction between light and matter in which the light that is inelastically scattered: a process called the Raman effect. In a Raman spectroscopy experiment, photons of a single wavelength (in the visible range this would be light of

The Renishaw Qontor Raman Microscope uses a laser beam to excite the atoms of a material. When this type of microscopy is combined with Raman spectroscopy the result is a Confocal MicroRaman spectrometer (or MicroRaman) system. This tool can generate 2D and even 3D chemical maps of solid, powder, liquid and even gaseous samples renishaw micro-raman spectroscopy system From the Renishaw Raman software the user can select: a fixed grating measurement with a spectrum 'window' of 400 cm 1 to 1000 cm (configuration dependent) a unique 'extended scanning' facility allowing the user to choose any Raman shift range up to about cm1. (configuration dependent). Renishaw inVia Raman Microscope. Transmission mapping Analyse large volumes of material and produce depthaveraged 2D images of bulk material homogeneity Specialist measurements Trigger data collection from your own equipment (eg control system on a synchrotron beamline) The easytouse software allows you to collect the data you need, Micro Raman Spectrometer The micro Raman spectrometer is designed to measure Raman spectra of microscopic samples or microscopic areas of larger objects. The fully integrated micro Raman spectrometer has been built and optimized for microspectroscopy and is capable of measuring the Raman spectra of microscopic samples. Renishaw RamanPL Microspectroscopy System. It is equipped with three lasers with pumping wavelength at 325nm (for PL measurement only), 633nm and 785nm (for both PL and Raman measurement). Rayleigh line rejection filters for 633nm and 785nm excitation allow ripplefree measurement of the Raman spectrum to better than 100cm1 shift.

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