Payment system using smart cards

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Nov 18, 2009 Many products and services will soon be (or are already being) sold over the Internet or other networks. Paying for these with standard methods of payments, such as cash, checks, credit card, or debit card, may be ineffective or inefficient. For such cases, electronic card payment systems are more appropriate. Several things need to be considered when investigating electronic card paymentData cards. The chip on a multiapplication student ID smart card can be used to securely store important personal information including details of next of kin, emergency contacts and medical information such as blood group, allergies or details about medication. Learn more about Data Cards. payment system using smart cards

A Smart card is similar to a credit card a popular smart card initiative is the VISA Smart card. Using the VISA Smart card you can transfer electronic cash to your card from your bank account, and you can then use your card at various retailers and on the internet.

An architecture and system uses a smart card for payment of goods andor services purchased online over the Internet. A client server on a client terminal controls the interaction with a consumer and interfaces to a card reader which accepts the consumer's smart card. In this project, we would like to study how to make ideal payment system using smart card and try to present the way of developing more secure and convenient payment system from the point of various aspects. 2. The Smart card 1) The definition of smart card A smart card is a creditcard sized plastic card embedded with an payment system using smart cards Smart CardBased Electronic Card Payment Systems in the Transportation Industry Article in Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce 10(4): December 2000 with 816 Reads

Payments cards. Plastic cards have become the global standard for electronically purchasing goods and services. In the last 20 years insecure magnetic stripe and embossed numbering systems have been replaced by a secure electronic system of data and keys held on the smart cards embedded chip. payment system using smart cards Credit Card. Payment using credit card is one of most common mode of electronic payment. Credit card is small plastic card with a unique number attached with an account. It has also a magnetic strip embedded in it which is used to read credit card via card readers. When a customer purchases a product via credit card, Transit Payment Systems: A Case for Open Payments smart cards that complement or replace cash, token coins and magnetic swipe cards. For the most part, card to buy his daily cup of coffee at a Starbucks is also the person who would use the card to pay his 2

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