Octanorm system sizes

2019-09-20 15:55

The OCTANORM system variety was born out of the necessity at exhibitions to turn ideas into reality quicker, faster, and more professional. With over 2, 000 inventions, we are now the worldwide leader in the industry. OCTANORM is the solution and the favourite system forR8 Plus. In addition to the standard R8 System, Aspect Exhibitions also supplies Meros larger format, 80mm x 80mm, R8 Plus system. Fully compatible with both the existing R8 Standard system and with the Meroform M12 exhibition system, R8 Plus extends octanorm system sizes

Apr 28, 2010  exhibition success worldwide. octanorm is the worlds market leader in exhibition stand construction systems. Whenever a professional service is required to provide a

Octanorm has dominated the aluminium system market for over 50 years. The heart of the system is a patented tension lock. Octanorm is secured by a simple 180 degree turn with load bearing of up to 80kg. The Octanorm system benefits from continuous development, users will often find an off the shelf solution saving development time and inventory costs. From last six year pixalmate providing all kind of portable and easily built up system. which are not only easy to use but also looks nice when it comes to low cost exhibition stall. pixalmate providing their stall service around Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai. we are having thousands sq meters of setup which can be used for any exhibition stall, events, small setup around India. we are the octanorm system sizes An Exhibition Stall Octonorm stall is a customizable system mostly used by Events& Exhibition organizers. It carries a Bunch of element including, Panels, Vertical, Spotlight, a fascia name board available in varied sizes. Every Indian Event Management companies use Octanorm stalls for the clients Exhibition Event.

As a quality leader in system components, OCTANORM has been developing and marketing technically sophisticated products in the field of exhibition construction, interior design, presentation, cleanroom and the object area for more than 50 years. octanorm system sizes Octanorms strength and versatility creates the perfect solution for retail Kiosks and ShopinShop solutions. With a longstanding reputation in the events industry, Octanorm modular system has a proven track record for quality, so retailers can be sure that a solution from Octanorm can be used over and over again for years to come. Octanorm System Aluminum Beam Extrusion: To show different visual effects, we have 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 70mm, 140mm beam extrusion, and 40mm beam is more common use in the market. To meet different customers' requirements, we can provide 40mm beam with wing, 50mm beam with 4 grooves, 70mm beam with 4 grooves, 140mm beam. OCTANORM Upright extrusion (Silver Black) Adjustable foot Upright extrusions [Sectional view Size 50 175 200 300 500 600 680 730 880 980 2, 080 2, 380 2, 480 2, 680 Size H20 10 40 8. 7 4. 3 16. 5 40 2480 2500 20 S 132 S 140 135 45 90 Octanorm is an anodized aluminum extrusion that connects together with a lockandtool system to create the display framework. Rollable graphic panels, fabric panels or sintra panels can be attached to the Octanorm extrusion to create graphic walls.

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