Java programm beenden system.exit

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System. exit () in Java. exit(0): Generally used to indicate successful termination. exit(1) or exit(1) or any other nonzero value Generally indicates unsuccessful termination. Note: This method does not return any value. The following example shows the usage of method.The only way to return a value back to the calling program is to use System. exit. If, however, you want to access this method from another class, for example, then you should move the contents to another method capable of returning the value you want and then you could this from your main method if you needed to or from another class. java programm beenden system.exit

4 Answers. System. exit is bad style, but feasible for a command line program. Not catching the exception would be somewhat the same: termination with a message, but then with a stack trace too. In this letting the function throw an exception would be the preferable way.

Apr 08, 2010 Dort mchte ich dann beim FileOutputStream gucken, ob das Speichern erfolgreich war. Wenn dies nicht der Fall sein sollte, soll er mir eine Fehlermeldung bringen und das Programm beenden. Ich habe vergessen zu erwhnen, das mein gestrikter Code nur ein Bruchstck von einem groen Projekt ist und ich nicht das ganze Programm beenden kann. I believe System. exit() is a holdover from shell scripting and other old programming techniques. I might write a script that looks for certain files to delete. That script would be called by some other programscript written by my colleague Bob. java programm beenden system.exit I found out ways to terminate (shutdown or stop) my Java programs. I found two solutions for it. using return; When I want to quit or terminate my program execution, I add this. . using System. exit(); Sometimes I used it. I read about Sytem. exit() from This Question. . So, I know a little on both them.

How to break out or exit a method in Java? Ask Question 106. 35. System. exit(0); Java language provides three jump statemnts that allow you to interrupt the normal flow of program java programm beenden system.exit By using System. exit(0); you would close the entire process. Is that what you wanted or did you intend to close only the GUI window and allow the process to continue running? The quickest, easiest and most robust way to simply close a JFrame or JPanel with the click of a JButton is to add an actionListener to the JButton which will execute the Sep 10, 2015 That is the simplest way to exit an application. System. exit(i) is a bit vicious; the problem you can get is that if you call it in one thread, then all the other threads will stop too, and you may end up with loose ends, or files not completely written, or something. I want to make sure I understand. . when you do system. exit, it doesn't just exit your program, but it shuts down any other java programs that are running on the same computer? E. g if I have my program open, and another java program by a different company open, and one of them did a system. exit, it would shut down both programs? Why we use System. exit(0) instead of System. exit(1) or any other parameter in Java Language for Exit the Application Program? And where this command gose for perform functionality?

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