Kasto racking system

2019-08-23 15:02

The new KASTO ecostore. Storage room economically used. This standardized storage system is suited for all applications where a high variety of materials like sheet metal need to be stored. A high storage density on smallest area is achieved by heightoptimized compartment division. This leads to more order, cleanliness and safety.KASTO is a global leader in the manufacture and sale of metalcutting saws and semiautomatic and automatic storage systems for bar stock and sheet metal, as well as for automatic handling systems for metal bars, sheet metal and precut parts, as well as the corresponding software. kasto racking system

All KASTO products in the metal and sheet metal storage area: Automated tower storage systems, stacking cradle systems, honeycomb storage systems, inline storage systems, portal storage systems and block systems.

KASTO offers a wide selection of storage systems for bars, tubes, profiles and beams, all tailored to individual requirements. Let us know! Storage and Material Handling Solutions KASTO Canada Saws. Six KASTO automatic storage systems and 44 cranes optimise the processes. The storage experts installed the first of these in Ellwangen in 1995. Over many years of collaboration, this was supplemented by racking systems for tubes, stacking cradles for structural steel profiles, angles and boiler tubes, and a UNILINE 3. 0 sheet metal store with 610 cassettes. kasto racking system At Kasto Rack, we supply and customise quality bolted and boltless racking storage system for residential home owners and commercial industry usage in Singapore. Our racking system specialty include high quality epoxy powder coated boltless rack with full steel shelving and full customised length, depth and height of our storage solutions.

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