Atari system 2

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Related: atari system 2600 atari system original atari 2600 original atari game system atari 800. Include description. Categories. All. New Listing Atari Jaguar System with 10 games and 2 controllers, with power cable and hookup. PreOwned Atari Jaguar. 85. 00. Time2 product ratings Brand New RAMPART for Atari Lynx II 1 2 system factory sealed 22. 50 Trending at 24. 24 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. atari system 2

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Atari Laserdisc Atari Star Wars Vector Atari System 1 Atari System IV: Atari Gauntlet Atari System 2 Atari Hard Drivin' Atari Cyberball Atari Dual Based Atari G1 Atari G42 Atari Arcade Classics Atari GX2 Atari Cojag Atari GT Atari 3DO Prototype Atari Flagstaff Atari Phoenix Atari Seattle Atari Media GX Atari Vegas Atari Denver: Other You can use original 2600 Atari joysticks with this system, and the original Atari 2600 paddles are required for the two bonus games, Breakout and Warlords, which can be accessed on the first screen by moving the joystick up 1, down 9, up 7, then down 2 (1972). atari system 2 Jul 20, 2007 Well, I finally got crazy enough to make up my system 2 side art stencils aka tape. I have a Paperboy that had palin white sides and it wasnt working fo rme. I had a photo of a system 2 cab with art that I used as a basis for my tape stencils. I got letterign from Staples for the Atari Games across the middle. I think its a little

Atari System 2. Main CPU: DEC T11 @ 10 MHz (DEC ). Sound CPU: MOS Technology M6502 2. 2 MHz. Sound Chips: Yamaha YM2151 @ 3. MHz, 2 x POKEY (Pot Keyboard atari system 2 Hardware Notes: The most notable difference between System 1 and 2 was the upgraded graphics, now running at medium resolution and requiring a newer medium resolution monitor. Emulators: MAME KNOWN ATARI SYSTEM 2 GAME LIST Atari System 2. The video resolution was 512x384 and as such a mediumresolution monitor was used (System 1 used low resolution). The hardware was similar to its predecessor in the fact that it used 2 main circuit boards. In this case it used a CPU board and a Video Board . The

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