Systemc channel example

2019-09-22 18:17

CFS Vision is a blog dedicated to digital design functional verification SystemVerilog, e language, SystemC Learning SystemC: # 004 Primitive Channels CFS Vision SystemC tutorial on how to use a mutexlock with scmutex class, how to use a semaphore (scsemaphore class) and how to quickly configure a FIFO (scfifo class)Jan 11, 2008  Forewords Inheritance and multiple inheritances are a pivotal part of interfaces and channels building. Channels in SystemC can be viewed as, a sophisticated form of communication mechanism; Akin to signals or wires in found in other HDLs. However what differentiates SystemC from common HDLs is the ability given to the designer to handcraft his own systemc channel example

In this SystemC lesson you can learn how you can use a signal channel to model parallelism as it happens in a real electronic circuit. The difference between scsignal and scbuffer is emphasized in a very simple example making it easier for the reader to understand what is the behavior of

Feb 09, 2014 scfifo. scfifo is a predefined primitive channel intended to model the behavior of a fifo, that is, a firstin firstout buffer. A fifo is an object of class scfifo. Each fifo has a number of slots for storing values. The number of slots is fixed when the object is constructed. Default slots size is 16. systemc channel example

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