Audyssey airplay speaker system

2019-10-19 08:58

Tiny 400 Audyssey Speaker for Apple Devices Packs Big Sound Despite its compact size, the Audyssey Audio Dock Air is an AirPlaycompatible speaker system forAudyssey's suite of acoustic technologies with Apples WiFi innovation is the best option for your wireless or multiroom audio system The Audyssey Audio Dock Air pairs the uncompressed streaming capability of Airplay with Audyssey's sound technologies so you hear every musical detail: deep bass, warm mids and clear highs audyssey airplay speaker system

Acoustic Research announced their AirPlay Audio System, the ARAP50 at CES. If youre not familiar with them, Acoustic Research is a brand from Audiovox

The Audyssey LES AirPlay speaker dock is now available at Amazon in the US. Priced at 399. 99 349. 99. Order yours today and save 50! BUY May 18, 2012 The Audyssey Audio Dock Air is the best sounding AirPlay system that I have encountered. It lists for 399 but can be found online for up to a 100 less. The Audio Dock Air is a perfect portable system that takes advantage of this wireless music technology. audyssey airplay speaker system This latest speaker from Audyssey is a wireless AirPlay music system featuring Audyssey Smart Speaker technology for rich and balanced sound. Now, let the music on your computer, iPod, iPhone and iPad come to life with Audyssey's optimized audio. Enjoy deeper bass, better audio clarity and more power than any other speaker of its size.

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