Ps3 green light system won't start

2019-11-14 03:31

Apr 18, 2013  playstation 3 won't start up. posted in Sony Playstation 3: So when I turn the ps3 on there is no red light then I hit the power button a few times and the blue n greenNov 12, 2012 Hope this helps some of you! Unlimited recording storage space. Live TV from 60 channels. No cable box required. ps3 green light system won't start

Oct 02, 2008 hello, im a newbie here and i don't play my ps3 too often, however today i tried to play but it just wouldn't turn on. the green light will come on for a bit then make a sound turn yellow then red

Sony's PlayStation 3 game system has a light on the front of the console that changes color to let the user know the system's status. The three most commonly seen colors are red, which indicates the system is off; green, which indicates the system is on; and blue, which indicates the system My PS3 console beeps one time and doesn't turn on. Ask Question 3. 2. Once you are at the inner workings of the system take a can of compressed air and start to dust the system carefully. Once you no longer see any dust start to put the shell back on, and your system should work. When i press power on my ps3 fat model the light turns ps3 green light system won't start Mar 29, 2013 Consumer Electronics Games& Gear PlayStation. Next. When loading up a game, the PS3 will freeze and then after pressing the power button it will bleep 3 times and the green light will flash and the system will not turn off until it is turned off by the mains. It is a 160GB slim.

PS3 Flashing Red Light Solution: Change the Thermal Paste Replacing or fixing the thermal paste is a drastic measure, but one that often needs to take place. Reheating the thermal paste to get the smoldering flow back in action like many Youtube videos show may allow the heat distribution to improve, but fully replacing the paste is the best ps3 green light system won't start Solved: We have a PS3 40gb that won't turn on. My son tried to turn it on yesterday and the light turned green briefly and then turned red and Flashing red light on PS3, won't turn on. There is no point in sending it without the HDD when a PS3 system formats a drive it makes it unique to that system, popping it in a refurb will format the drive. I had the same fault and in the end did the hairdryer trick to get my PS3 working long enough to get everything backed up onto a usb drive. Feb 23, 2012 PS3 won't turn on, yellow light then flashing red light. The YLOD is a general hardware problem. So it could be any number of things but the most common occurrence is the leadfree solder that attaches the CPU and GPU to the motherboard is breaking up over time due to overheating issues causing them to disconnect. My brother's PS3 recently developed a fault, PS3 turns on, you get a green light for 2 seconds maximum then it turns off, sometimes it won't even turn on at all. Has anyone else had this issue and sorted it out, I suspect it's power supply might be shot.

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